Why Choose Us?

Because we have the necessary skills and experience in abundance to care properly for your home and pets!

We’ve been trained and have experience in the care of a wide range of animals. Terry as a clinics assistant then an Inspector with the RSPCA, on farms and with police dogs; Kate through gaining her British Horse Society qualifications, training, working and instructing in schools and yards. We’re mature, trustworthy and honest; we’ve both held positions where integrity, confidentiality and regard for individuals’ privacy has been paramount. Our professional role is to ensure the welfare and happiness of your pets but training and experience over many years has made us very security conscious. We’ve rescued, cared for and kept many animals over the years. Our careers have been very people and animal-focussed and the expertise gained allows us to create confidence in our clients and to get onside with their pets very quickly. Of great importance to pet sitting, we’re used to coping with emergencies – with animals or otherwise – and we’ll use our experience and initiative to resolve any problems in your absence. And we have the experience of independent horse and pet sitting from the UK to back it all up.