Pet Sitting

Dachsie and kitten

All pets like familiar surroundings and it can be a traumatic experience for them (and you) if their routine is disrupted by being removed from their own home. Particularly so if they are elderly and have special needs.

The answer is for us to come and stay with them in their own home. We’ll have met you and the animals ahead of any sit and agreed a plan for their care that replicates their daily routine. We’ll already know the pets and all about them.

Whether you have dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters etc. or even a sheep, goat, parrot or a fish or two we’ll-

•        continue their normal daily routine

•        walk and exercise them

•        feed them at their usual times

•        give them all the love and attention they expect

•        be there night and day to keep them safe

•        communicate with you as agreed

•        ensure any special needs or requirements are met

We create a happy atmosphere for your pets- they very soon become our friends too and we aim to have a good time together!

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