Horse Sitting

airedale terrier

Horses are highly sensitive, trusting animals who’ll allow us to befriend and adore them if we treat them well! However, they are also a full-time  commitment, so what happens when you have to go away?

You’ll need to find someone to care for them who understands that commitment and the importance of keeping to normal routines.

Someone with the necessary expertise, experience and knowledge to ensure the highest welfare standards for your horse in your absence.

We’ll provide a bespoke, professional horse sitting service that is tailored to your needs and those of your horses. We’ll have met you and the horses ahead of any sit and agreed a plan for their care that replicates their daily routine. We’ll-

•        continue their normal daily routine

•        feed them at their usual times

•        give them all the love and attention they expect!

•        be there night and day to keep them safe

•        communicate with you as agreed

•        ensure any special needs or requirements are met

Being a horse lover the odds are that you’ll have other animals too – we can care for these at the same time! See pet sitting

Horse Visits

We can also make daily visits to your horses whether they are living out, stabled or a mixture of both.

Please ask us more about this service as availability will depend on circumstances and where you live.