How It Works

airedale terrier

1. Contact Us

First of all, get in touch! You can contact us on our website or ring us on
  02 43 08 02 97 or mobile 06 64 87 02 55  any day of the week. You tell us about your animals- types, numbers and needs etc. and we take it from there!

2. Meeting at your home

The next step is a meeting at your home. This meeting is without obligation. It’s very important that we get to know each other and the pets before the first sit. We listen very carefully and together we go through everything needed to ensure your pets’ safety and wellbeing; and the security of your home. We provide proof of identity and other relevant documentation. An amount to cover petrol costs is payable at the time of the visit. We can then arrange a first sitting for you and when that’s completed successfully, look forward to taking further bookings. NB should the health status of your pet change at any time between the initial visit and the start date of a sit you must let as know as soon as possible.

3. The Information sheet

We need a guide to your home and your pets as a ready reference when you’re away. It’s all common sense stuff; apart from a pen picture of the horses and pets, their daily schedules, feeding etc. we need contact details for you and who to get in touch with if something needs attention in your home.

4. The sit

We’ll arrive at your home to start the sit at the agreed time. We’ll then replicate your daily routine and care for the animals according to the plan we’ve agreed. You can keep in touch with us by email, text or telephone.

5. Your return home

When you return, you’ll find a tidy house and happy pets who can’t wait to see you again. We’ll let you know how things have been in your absence. With the first sitting successfully completed we would be happy to accept further bookings!