Q?What is pet sitting?

Pet sitting is designed around the needs, habits, and unique personalities of your animals. We use our skills, expertise and understanding to make sure they’re comfortable, safe and enjoying every day. It also means taking good care of your home in which we are resident day and night whilst you’re away. Very importantly, you should always let your insurance agent know that we will be resident on your property.

We will need to know that we can ensure the safety and welfare of multiple numbers of pets and equines before agreeing to sit.

To ensure both parties are happy with everything we complete an initial sitting for you before taking further bookings.


Q?Why pet sitting versus kennels?

All pets like familiar surroundings and it can be a traumatic experience for them (and you) if their routine is disrupted by being removed from their own home. Particularly so if they are elderly and have special needs. With kennel costs as high as 18 euros locally, pet sitting can work out to be very cost effective indeed. Our job is to safeguard and care for your animals; but insurance companies also welcome the presence of a pet sitter in your absence as it substantially reduces risk from criminals and other events,  e.g. burst pipes, fire. Many policies stipulate a set number of days that a property may be empty. Having a pet sitter is a ‘win-win’ for your pets, your purse and your insurance premium!

Q?What makes you different from other pet sitters?

We have been trained and have experience in the care of a wide range of animals. Terry as a clinics assistant then an Inspector with the RSPCA, on farms and with police dogs; Kate through gaining her British Horse Society qualifications, training, working and instructing in schools and yards. We are mature, trustworthy and honest; we have both held positions where integrity, confidentiality and regard for individuals’ privacy has been paramount. Our professional training and experience over many years makes us very security conscious. We have rescued, cared for and kept many animals over the years. Our careers have been very ‘people’ and ‘animal’ focussed and the expertise gained allows us to create confidence in our clients and to get onside with their pets very quickly. Of great importance to pet sitting, we’re used to coping with emergencies – with animals or otherwise – and will use our experience and initiative to resolve any problems in your absence. And we have the experience of independent horse and pet sitting from the UK to back it all up!

Q?What are your rates?
  • Rates

      • pet sitting fee 35 euros per day (or part of day) to include up to two dogs and two cats
      • add 3 euros per day (or part of a day) per extra dog
      • add 2 euros per day (or part of a day) per extra cat
      • add from 5 euros per day (or part of a day) per equine
      • additional fee for other animals eg. goats, rabbits, poultry by arrangement
      • bespoke fee where the mix of your pet family does not match the above examples
      • high dependency animals requiring higher levels of care attract a surcharge
      • travel costs charged at 0.35 euros per km from 53300 SOUCE for initial meeting and at the start and finish of a sit; and the same for any additional travel agreed (eg. additional visit, taking dogs out, vet visits)
      • there is no fee for the initial meeting other than the travel costs (payable at the time)
      • other fees are payable in full by the final day of the sit unless by prior arrangement
      • French national and local public holidays including days of observance, attract a 50% surcharge  http://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/france

If you have multiple numbers of pets and equines we will need to know that we can ensure their safety and welfare before agreeing to sit. To ensure both parties are happy with everything we complete an initial sitting for you before taking further bookings.

Q?What do I have to provide for the pet sitter?

We stay in your house 24 hours a day with your pets. So you’ll need to provide a suitable place for us to eat, sleep and carry out ordinary domestic tasks. We bring our own food and, if you prefer, our own bedding; sometimes people let us enjoy seasonable garden produce and we don’t object to that!

We’d expect to find a normal domestic standard of cleanliness in your home; and we’ll make sure it stays in the same clean and tidy condition until you’re back. We know that here in France many expats’ houses may be a ‘work in progress’; but don’t let that put you off contacting us!

Q?Do you leave the property during the sitting period?

Sits can last anything from a day or two up to a month or longer. Therefore, the sitter will need to leave the premises from time to time- to get food and for other everyday reasons. We discuss this at our initial meeting with you and agree a suitable plan. Typically, a sitter may leave the premises for up to four hours a day- but this will be determined by the particular needs of the animals involved. In many cases we don’t even take this amount of time as we prefer being at ‘home’ with the animals. Of course, if a horse or pet becomes unwell we stay by their side all of the time.

Q?Do you look after animals with health conditions or other special needs?

If it is within our capabilities, in a suitable environment and we have any necessary equipment then we may be able to help. In the past we have cared for many elderly and disabled pets. It is always sad when some of our pet friends pass on but we are happy that we have helped make their final days peaceful and content without their having to leave home.

Q?My pets are not innoculated; will you sit for them?

Normally, we would ask that all your pets are appropriately innoculated. This is because we move between homes with animals. However, there are of course exceptions; we are aware that there are sometimes good reasons for an animal not having been innoculated and if this is the case please speak to us.

Q?Will you sit if there are other people on the premises? Can I schedule building and repair work to take place during the sit?

In general we ask that nobody else is staying on the premises during the sitting period. There are sound security, insurance and welfare reasons for this. Again for security and insurance reasons we won’t allow anyone to enter your property without your express prior permission. However, if the configuration of your property or some other factor complicates this issue then please do tell us about it.

To ensure the welfare and safety of your animals, and for insurance and security reasons, no construction, repair or maintenance work should be scheduled to take place during the sitting period.

Q?Do you sit for households without horses or pets?

Yes we do!